Publications, Writing Awards & Honors

moonflowerFRONTCOVERThe companion of Joy cover



  • Creative Loafing‘s Best of the Bay “Local Poet” award, 2017
  • Florida Book Award Bronze medal for Moonflower, 2012
  •  Florida Publishers Association President’s Award Silver Medal for Moonflower, 2012
  • Eric Hofer First Horizons Award Honorable Mention for Moonflower, 2012
  •  Pushcart Prize Nominations for “In the Fatherland”2011; “Hibiscus” and “Gridlock with crepe myrtle blossoms”, 2012;   “This Day, Framed in Light”, 2005.
  •  Creative Loafing’s Best of The Bay “Poetry in Motion” Award, 2011
  •  Arts Teacher Incentive Grant, Hillsborough County Arts Council, 2006
  •  Public Arts Award , Hillsborough County Water Treatment Building, 2004
  •  Hillsborough County Artist Fellowship, 2001
  •  Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, Honorable Mention, 2000
  •  Artist in Residence, Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, 1997–2000
  •  Hillsborough County Emerging Artist Grant, 1994


  • Bowers House residency, 2014
  • Surdna Fellowship, 2006
  • Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences Fellowship, 2003
  • Catskills Poetry Workshop, Merit Scholarship, 2000, 2001
  • Sewanee Writers Retreat 1993


The Companion of Joy, Green Rabbit Press at Saint Leo University, 2014 (poetry chapbook)

Moonflower,  Kitsune Books, 2011 (full-length poetry collection)

In Late Day Sun, 2008 (collaboration with Lori Ballard of photographs and poems)

Blue Slumber, YellowJacket Press, (poetry Chapbook) 2005




“Laundry” forthcoming in Negative Capability

“Solstice Alternative” forthcoming inThe CDC Poetry Project, Jan. 2018

 “Somewhere Jazz,” Sweet: A Literary Confection, Jan. 2018

“After the Poetry Reading, a Condom” Aquifer, The Florida Review

Boutonniere  Green Mountains Review

 “Sets,” ”In Sumptuous Ticking,” and “Child of the Depression,” REBUS, Fall 2017

“Examining the Cannon,” Florida English: A Journal of Creative Arts, Fall 2017

Balancing, Truing and Personal Service” Italiana Americana, Spring 2017

“Memory in Green” Apalachee Review, Fall 2016

 “Still Life,” “San Ann,” and   “On the Banks of Crooked River,” REBUS 2016

“Old Orange Avenue,” Gulf Stream, Fall 2015

The United Daughters of the Confederacy Float,” Kestrel, Fall 2015

“From Sea to Shining,” Water-Stone Review, Summer 2015

“So Many Hitchhikers on this Street,”  Florida Review

“Two Houses Down”  Apalachee Review, 

“Way Out West: Sonny Rollins, 1955,”  Tampa Review, 

 “My Father’s Pilgrimage,” Indian River Review, 

“The Book Club,”   Indian River Review, 

“Said,” Exphrasis

“Paradelle for Late Night Jazz,” Ilanot Review

“Vita Felice,” Passager

“Flood Subject,” saw palm

“Plant’s Palace”, “Squint and You’ll See It”, Revival,” USF Humanities Institute website

(as part of the project The Hillsborough River: Human Connections ) Oct-Nov. 2012

“Santa Maria in Trastevere,” Visions International

“The Gypsies of Florence,” Il Cimeterio,” espresso ink

“In the Fatherland,” Moonshot

“Damselfly”, “Last Summer Home,” Bridle Path Press online

“Voice”, “Thursday Night Poetry,” Moonshot

“In the Kitchen of Remembrance,” Swee,

“Handbuilt, Thrown, Altered,” Saw Palm Review

“A Walt Disney World Production,” “Daybreak at Cape Canaveral,” “Hibiscus”

“Magnolia Ballad,” “Damselfly,” and The Cabbage Palm: Lessen You Cut it Down”

“Mistress and Maid,” Tampa Review

“This Day, Framed in Light” and “Edvard Munch”

“Each Day is a Wishbone,” Florida English Journal

“Three Feasts in Florence,” Crab Orchard Review

“Migrants” (reprint) and “Admit,” Weekly Planet

“Fine,” Apalachee Review

“Angel of Drought,” Forum, the Florida Humanities Council Magazine

“At the Reliquary,” White Pelican Review, v3, no. 1, 2002.

“Amorum Emblemata,” Ekphrasis, v2, no. 5, Spring 2002.

“Emblem d’Amour,” Ekphrasis, v2, no. 5, Spring 2002.

“Composition in Afternoon,” Ekphrasis, v2, no. 5, Spring 2002.

“A Thing About Rhumba,” Florida Review, Winter 2002.

“An Afternoon in January,” Florida Review, Winter 2002.

“Grief is Your Only Angel,” Karamu, The Millenium Issue, Spring 1999.

“The Bridgekeeper Notices Fall,” reprint, Sunscripts, 1996.

“18 Inside a Cliché,” Tampa Review, Fall 1995.

“The Bridgekeeper Notices Fall,” The MacGuffin,  Fall 1994.

“Migrants” and “Revenge of the Poetess,” The Sun, March 1994.

“The Artist, Forrest Bess, Explains,” The Bloomsbury Review, 1994.

“Penitenti,” Slipstream, #14, 1994.

“Night School,” Heaven Bone, Spring 1993.

“Blood,” White Mule, 1993.

“Directions for Driving the Tamiami Trail,” Gaia, 1993.

“Keeping the Light,” Poet Lore, Summer 1992.

“The Last Time I Saw Hal,” Tampa Tribune Fiction Quarterly, 1991.

“When My Husband Cleans the Kitchen,” Calyx, 1991.

“Goodbye to My Mentor” and “Felon” (reprint), ArtsNews, 1990.

“Be,” Organica, 1989.

“Night on Mount Le Conte,””The Magic Well,” Tampa Bay Review, 1989.

“Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprat,” New CollAge, 1989-90.

“Reply to Andre,” Garden Doctor, 1988.

“Danjou Pears” and “I Imagine You in Kodiak,” Palmetto Review, 1984.

“St. Valentine Beheaded,” South Florida Poetry Review, 1983.

“A Woman Reads Your Palm,” Konglomerati, 1983.

“Felon” and “Photograph,” New CollAge, 1983.



“Dinner with Dad” TheGloriaSirens

“Wearing Mom”  TheGloriaSirens

I’ll Never Read Another Book of Poems,” Creative Loafing’s Story Time series, April, 2012

“My First Time” Bridle Path Press online, August, 2011

“A Story Tied in Stitches,” St. Petersburg Times, July 2005.

“Freed from the Currents,” St. Petersburg Times, January 2005.

“Of Muse, Menace in my Classroom,” St. Petersburg Times, April 2004.

“Transported by Sound,” St. Petersburg Times, Jan. 2004.

“An Invalid Poetic License,” St. Petersburg Times, Sept. 2003.

“The Ugly Twins,” St. Petersburg Times, 1990.


A Messy Job I Never Did See a Girl Do, by Mary Jane Ryals, Organica, Summer, 2000.

Telling and Remembering: A Century of American Jewish Poetry, edited by Steven J. Rubin, in Organica, Summer 1998.

The Secret History of Water, by Silvia Curbelo, Weekly Planet, December 1997.

Art & Lies, by Jeanette Winterson, Weekly Planet, May 30, 1996.

American Poets Say Goodbye to the 20th Century, edited by Andrei Codrescu and Laura Rosenthal, St. Petersburg Times, July 21, 1996.


“Night off on the Graveyard Shift,” 15 Views of Tampa Bay, Barrow Street Press, Sept. 2012


To My Boy Asleep” forthcoming in The Well-Versed Parent by Jane Hunter

“La Bodega in Cayo Hueso,” Key West: A Collection, ed. Brett Van Ernst, 2001.

“To My Boy Asleep,” Essential Love, ed. Ginny Lowe Connors, 2000.

“For the Sake of the Body,” Split Verse: A Divorce Anthology, 2000.

“The Klansman in My Blood,” South of Midnight, eds. Richard Gilliam,

Martin H. Greenberg and Thomas R. Hanlon, Southern Fried Press, 1995.

Directions for Driving the Tamiami Trail” and “Child’s Morning in St. Augustine,” The Poetry of Florida: A History of Imagination, eds. Jane Anderson Jones and Maurice O’Sullivan, Pineapple Press, 1995.

“Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprat,” Sleeping with Dionysus, ed. Kay Marie Porterfield, The Crossing Press, 1994.

“Photograph,” New CollAge 20th Anniversary, ed. A. McMiller.

“Sestina For September,” CASA, ed. Willie Reader, 1990.


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