The Daily has legs!

I am excited to post Dailies written by other poets:

Two by Mary Jane Ryals, Poet Laureate of Florida’s Big Bend:

Voting Day 11/3/2020

Sun tricks 

pine straw

into golden. 

Branches are

veins squirrels

run down.

I know

only this


Late Afternoon, Fall

The last

tiger striped

and monarch

butterflies touch

down on

red lantana.

Sky will

jilt us


by Peter Meinke, Poet Laureate of Florida:

Election Day, November 3, 2020 

          We’re counting

          every vote

          every word 

          every drink

          so there

          won’t be

          too many

          dry martinis

          with olives

by Kate Sweeney Postle:

The Naked Parrot on Tic Toc       —11/20

Because it’s

American to

want what’s

broken, fixed,

we watch

the naked

parrot dance

with his 

rescue human 

and tell

my daughter

that his  

feathers are

invisible, not

plucked in


by Mary Chris Bailey. Keep St. Pete Lit “Writer’s Gym” :


Schismatic event

Sonorous announcements

Scurrilous pronouncements

Semantically challenged

Spellbinding lies

Self-righteous bigotry

Sanctimonious judgements

Surreptitious racism

Seething tweets

Shockingly orange

Spiritually bereft

Sexual predator

Se fini

Send me your Daily and I’ll post it here!

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